Getting Started

"Dad I'm going to start a blog." - me the other day

I spend a lot of my time reading. The Economist and its English wit is a favorite. TechCrunch somehow makes the show Silicon Valley funnier. And The New Yorker’s longer form articles and works of fiction are just so pretty. As my father knows from his quest through my 700+ email deep inbox [1] for an elusive Amazon security key when I left my phone in a taxi [2] the other week, I also subscribe to a large number of newsletters, personal blogs, and syndicated RSS feeds focused on everything from finance to cooking [3].

Since beginning college, I have made an effort to be more methodical and deliberate in my thinking. A byproduct of this is a single-spaced word document spanning nearly 50 [4] pages that contain quotes I thought particularly engaging, insightful, and beautiful.

I really enjoy debate and have found putting my thoughts to paper helps me to solidify what I hold as my truth and how individual truths shape the way I see the world. Thus starting from this week [5] for as long as academically tenable ;) I will be posting a new quote and my current truth and thoughts regarding it on this site. If you’d like to follow along and receive each new post in your inbox, you can sign up over on the fun sidebar thingy [6]. Apparently, my generation doesn’t like email so if you give me your phone number maybe someday I’ll throw together a Twilio [7] integration or something to text updates out.

Looking forward to the journey ahead and hearing your thoughts!


When I cross posted this on my Medium on 06/26/19 I added some reflection:

[1] I’ve since learned to use email filters to sort inbound email!

[2] When I lost my phone it was in Airplane Mode. It hasn’t connected to a network in the last year. I don’t keep my phone on Airplane Mode anymore.

[3] That became a blog post when people badgered me.

[4] Quotes is now 249 single-spaced pages with 130,080 words with a bunch more to load in on my phone. I wonder if Pages has a word limit…

[5] The weekly thing lasted the entire Summer (yeah I was surprised too)

[6] Now you can subscribe to my Medium too! That’ll be more reliable than the email box because I’m lazy.

[7] I still like this idea but I’m lazy