Hi. I guess you wanted to know more than a couple of sentences about me. That’s pretty cool, email me sometime and let’s get tea (I don’t really drink coffee :/), bagels or some kind of dairy product (ice cream) 👀

Here’s some fun facts and an faq to tide you over until I come back to this page and decide to be a more creative web developer (I swear I have some cool backend and ml projects).


love the outdoors - I’m an Eagle Scout and have hiked all 48 of New Hampshire’s 48 mountains over 4,000 feet.

sold a lot of textbooks, stylus tips, and other arbitragible things on the internet to pay for college.

enjoy photography and open source most of the photos I take adventuring on Google Maps. I got an email the other week letting me know they collectively have 200k+ views.

know window seat > aisle seat (see above) - just not on a United 787 where they blackout the windows the whole flight and you don’t see the sun for 18 hours :(

think GitHub is the best social network. No fake news! and people are always making really cool crazy stuff .

own like 20 pairs of shoes somehow (I blame trying too many sports).


What do you write so much about foreign policy when you seem like a super super techy person?

I am super techy - ask my grandma :)

But actually, I’ve always really enjoyed history and international politics - I understand communication and conflict by understanding where people come from and what their expectations are. International politics is great because it’s like a whole quarreling family/workplace sometimes and the game theory of how things gets done really excites me. At a high level, I think understanding the nuances of really advanced technology along with much much higher level stuff like this makes me a more effective thinker in both disciplines.

How does your website not look terrible even though you generally lack web development skills and were so lazy you built this site in an hour?!

Some cool guy (haven’t met, would love to buy coffee) named Mark Otto made this awesome template called Hyde that lets you really easily get going with a personal website for free with hosting from GitHub pages!

Why don’t you post as much as you said you would post?


How do I get you to speak at my event/investigate my horoscope/do other things like that?

I’m very busy working on an exciting project right now but send me an email! I’m always excited for opportunities that expand the scope of my experiences.